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Living a Non-Mainstream Life While Balancing A Job, Kids + The House

“Stay-at-home moms can do all of that natural, hippy, traditional, ‘green’ stuff like home-cooked meals and line-drying their clothes.  I have a full-time job, and I just don’t have time for it all.”

Ever heard that before?  Ever thought it?

Living A Non-Mainstream Life (While Balancing a Job, the Kids and the House) :: Vintage Kids | Modern World


There I was, baking bread, hanging laundry on a clothes line, tending a garden (veggies and flowers both), wearing a cute sundress with my baby in a sling on my hip, all while a pie was baking in the oven and the children played with their homemade toys in our sprawling yard with just a few chickens.… Read the rest

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Cold-Kicker Spicy Chicken Soup

A guest post by Lucy Kesler, Inn Keeper at The Olde Buffalo Inn B+B, originally published in October of 2012

Cold Kicker Spicy Chicken Soup :: Vintage Kids | Modern World


“Let food be thy medicine,

and medicine be thy food”

– Hippocrates

There was a frost warning out earlier this week for northern Indiana and I’m wearing jeans and socks.… Read the rest

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Our Top Posts in 2013

Bloggers across the world wide web are posting their “top 13 posts from 2013”.   I suppose I should follow suit, eh?

Except, I think I’m going to break the mold and stick with the top 10 posts…because really, the top 13 is fine, then we’d progress to 14 in 2014, and so on.  … Read the rest

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Have A Holly Jolly All Natural Christmas! :: Cheeky Bums’ 2013 Christmas Gift Guide

2013 Xmas banner 600

I don’t even know where to start!!  First off, I’m so incredibly thankful and humbled that you all have stuck with us here at Cheeky Bums!!! We’ve been redesigning (do you like the new colors?!?) reorganizing, prioritizing, and regrouping….not to mention cooking, cleaning, homeschooling and corralling the kiddos!!  … Read the rest

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Deodorant Decadence

*Post by guest blogger Gretchen Kingsley*

I’ve never used those two words in the same sentence.  Never.


homemade deodorant

…we started using this sugary deodorant.

Two simple ingredients mixed together.  Powdered sugar and coconut oil.  That’s it. And it works (even for my hubby!).… Read the rest

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Simplicity Can Be Very Time Consuming

Simplicity Can Be Very Time Consuming


Today, I went outside in the frigid spring air to hang some clothes on our line, and I almost stepped on a rabbit.  I really have no clue how this happened, because furry wildlife a.) are generally scared of moms with intimidating piles of clean laundry and,  b.) don’t frequent the city much and we live in the middle of it all, next to an elementary school.… Read the rest

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