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You’ve Lost That Lovin’ (Homeschool) Feelin’

You've Lost That Lovin' (Homeschool) Feelin' :: Vintage Kids | Modern World

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You’ve given it the good old college try and it’s just not working.

This post isn’t going to be rocket science folks.  There are days, weeks – months even – where you trudge through your homeschool schedule and it just doesn’t feel right.  Read the rest

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Nourishing Lunch Box Ideas

Nourishing Lunch Box Ideas :: Vintage Kids | Modern World

It just has to happen.

These little people that we live with have to eat, despite the fact they we fed them earlier.  It’s a vicious, never-ending cycle…

But hopefully, the following list of our favorite lunches and snacks will give you some ideas to make the food-packing process a little easier!  … Read the rest

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Our 2014-2015 Homeschool Curriculum Picks

2014 - 2015 Homeschool Curriculum Recommendations (for elementary grades with a Charlotte Mason approach)


Here I am again.

[hangs head]

I’m the lady that blogs here.  ‘Member me?  The over-committed pregnant mama who has great blogging intentions and never follows through?  That’s me!

I am amazed everyday when my phone beeps, letting me know that I have new subscribers to this little corner of the web…seeing as how I haven’t been here in….oh, say, a month and a half!  … Read the rest

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