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Cold-Kicker Spicy Chicken Soup

A guest post by Lucy Kesler, Inn Keeper at The Olde Buffalo Inn B+B, originally published in October of 2012

Cold Kicker Spicy Chicken Soup :: Vintage Kids | Modern World


“Let food be thy medicine,

and medicine be thy food”

- Hippocrates

There was a frost warning out earlier this week for northern Indiana and I’m wearing jeans and socks.… Read the rest

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Treating Fevers Naturally: A Guide For Nervous Moms

Treating Fevers Naturally : A Guide For Nervous Moms - Vintage Kids | Modern World

I just…wow. I can’t even…just wow.

I really hadn’t planned on blogging about this – ever, really – but after reading and reviewing Meagan’s AMAZING new book Treating Fevers Naturally, I HAVE to share.  Maybe someday, when I’m farther removed and he’s older, and I feel like I can breathe when I talk about it, I’ll do a longer post on the topic of febrile seizures, but I’m not there yet…

Last April, my 2 year old stopped breathing and collapsed in my arms, he turned purple, his body shook, and he passed out.… Read the rest

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Travelling For The Holidays? Herbal Remedies To Take On The Road!



I dug this post our of last years’ archives!! Things have been busy around these here parts, and the holidays are quickly approaching!  These are great tips for easy items to take on the road, but you can also take them BEFORE you pack up the littles to head to Grandma’s house!… Read the rest

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