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A Twist On A Classic : Matzo Nachos!

Matzo Nachos :: Vintage Faith | Modern World

I know…

Nachos are somewhat sacred around here.  They’re a fool-proof dinner that really amounts to taking everything from your fridge and dumping it on a tray of tortilla chips.  Really, what’s not to love?

But – that’s all about to change – the tortilla chip part, that is!… Read the rest

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A Natural Cleaning Recipe Round-Up and A Free Printable To Keep Them Organized!

FREE PRINTABLE Natural Cleaning Recipe Sheets from Vintage Kids Modern World

I’m a huge fan of natural products and it’s true – I don’t want to dump sludge into our rivers and streams and I want to steward God’s amazing creation.

However, my kids are God’s creation and I want our home to be the safest place on earth!… Read the rest

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Weekend Reading :: April 12, 2014

Weekend Reading :: Vintage  Kids | Modern World


What I’ve been reading lately…

How To Garden With Children ||Naturally Mindful

Family Meal Planning (Free Printable) || Brandt On A Blog

Housecleaning for Artists, Creatives, AHDH-ers and ENFPs (and oooh, I defy Fly Lady) || Elizabeth Esther

How We Do Lunch Time || Vitafamiliae

Carrot Cake Square || Homegrown and Healthy




Check out our NEW BLOG!… Read the rest

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