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Nordic Naturals Prenatal and Baby DHA Review and Giveaway (And Our Huge Announcement)

No, I’m not closing down the blog.

Despite the fact that I haven’t been here in…oh…say…over a month!  Life got the best of me this spring – getting in the garden (which still isn’t done!), finishing up our homeschool year, trips to the park (now that the Polar Vortex is behind us), and all of this seasoned with the worst morning sickness ever put me in bed most nights by 9 or 10 – and for me – that’s early!… Read the rest

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A Twist On A Classic : Matzo Nachos!

Matzo Nachos :: Vintage Faith | Modern World

I know…

Nachos are somewhat sacred around here.  They’re a fool-proof dinner that really amounts to taking everything from your fridge and dumping it on a tray of tortilla chips.  Really, what’s not to love?

But – that’s all about to change – the tortilla chip part, that is!… Read the rest

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A Natural Cleaning Recipe Round-Up and A Free Printable To Keep Them Organized!

FREE PRINTABLE Natural Cleaning Recipe Sheets from Vintage Kids Modern World

I’m a huge fan of natural products and it’s true – I don’t want to dump sludge into our rivers and streams and I want to steward God’s amazing creation.

However, my kids are God’s creation and I want our home to be the safest place on earth!

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