About Us

Hi, and thanks for stopping by!  Since you’re checking out my “about” page, I’d assume you’re a tad curious, so here it goes…

I’m Kelsi -

:: A homeschooling mom to three adorable munchkins that I am blessed to spend each precious (though sometimes exhausting) moment with.  They turned my world upside down and drenched it in peanut butter and finger paints.  They’re the reason I get out of bed in the morning.  literally.

:: I have lived in 2 foreign countries and have visited 11 others, and I have a B.A. in Foreign Affairs + International Studies.

:: I absolutely LOVE my job – the mommy part and the business woman part! both can be overwhelming, but I wouldn’t change my life for anything. ever.

:: I homeschool my kids and it fits.us.perfectly.

:: I can drink a venti quad shot vanilla latte, publish a blog post, return a phone call, check a Math lesson, and wipe sticky fingers all at the same time. oh yeah.

:: I have issues with over-committing…

:: I adore pearls and lace, but have to admit that I’m most comfortable in my Keens and Northface.

:: I could eat thai food every night and frequently find reasons to order out.


and now on to the business side of things…

::CheekyBums is the hybrid of vintage and modern – we wanted to create a resource blog for parents that want to raise their kids the vintage way – not just in style but in a way that reflects the “vintage” values that we seem to have lost in our fast-paced-plastic-laden-techno-savvy world.  We want to create a place that brings us back to morality, wholesome values, modest clothes, Biblical parenting, and natural living, realizing that it’s possible to be completely vintage and totally modern, all at the same time.

Join our virtual community of parents who want to find that beautiful harmony between vintage and modern!


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