Deodorant Decadence

*Post by guest blogger Gretchen Kingsley*

I’ve never used those two words in the same sentence.  Never.


homemade deodorant

…we started using this sugary deodorant.

Two simple ingredients mixed together.  Powdered sugar and coconut oil.  That’s it. And it works (even for my hubby!). Try it out for yourself.

This is also a great homemade option for those of you who have sensitive skin and are bothered by the baking soda that is used in most homemade versions.

I feel like instructions aren’t really warranted for this but for those who would like a little guidance…

Place a small amount of powdered sugar in a bowl and add melted coconut oil, a little at a time, until you reach your desired consistency. Lick mixing spoon before throwing it in the sink. 🙂

It’s really that easy. Go sugar yourself up!


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